From Pixelshox to Quartz Composer

June 20th, 2005


As some people know: I fell in Love with Quartz Composer which is included with Apple’s Developertools.
It started off with me using Pierre-Olivier Latour’s great Pixelshox – experimenting with midisensors connected via an eo-body device; and now it’s Quartz: the same thing, an a more evolved level.
(Pierre works for Apple now).
It’s astonishingly easy for me to use – me, the “nonprogramming-type” – and reminds me a bit of MaxSP but in OS X-Style. There’s these elastic “wires” to connect the different patches – drag’n`dropable from the library.
The hierachy browser (was missing in pixelshox) makes it easier to navigate between macropatch-levels.
The most inspiring site I found lately is at:

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