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Thursday, June 30th, 2005


Back from Prague – the Golden City – I must admit that I was very impressed by the changes that have taken place since I was there in 1990, after the wall came down. It’s a completely different city it seems, since a lot of buildings have been remade and capitalism has moved in – a bit like east Berlin has changed over the last few years … but with far more older buildings: a lot of art nouveau but also baroque, cubist, renaissance, gothic .. and ultra-modern styles.

The astronomical clock in the Old-Town Square of Prague from 1410 is very cool: it’s somewhat like an analogue 3D animation with carved Apostels moving around every hour, a skeleton ringing a bell… And of course the famous Moldau, the Charles-Bridge etc … all very nice, indeed!
The city has a somewhat mediteranean but still northern flair – and yes, it’s definitely worth a visit!

Missing Steak

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005


I’m missing Mrs Steak alias Mademoiselle Grabowski: she’s touring throughout the world (in London at the moment). I love the Cardigan she made – wearing it right now. Have a look at her Patches and other Exotica.

Sommer Tritamine

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005


Mein Lieblings-Live-Video-Kollektiv ist wieder am Start: Samstag, draussen auf Schloss Lanke, mit feinster Tanzmusik (Antamauna) und pixelrockenden Bildern (Tritamine). Badesee inklusive.

Und die weiteren Aussichten: am 23. Juli – mit Spreeblick, zum sogenannten Familientreffen in der Base (Tama Sumo, Der kleine Lärm, Aroma u.a.). Ja, is noch ‘ne Weile hin, aber der Sommer fängt auch heute erst an.

–> Update: Plus: am 09.07. beim “Off Daze”, sowie am 16.07. zur Nation

From Pixelshox to Quartz Composer

Monday, June 20th, 2005


As some people know: I fell in Love with Quartz Composer which is included with Apple’s Developertools.
It started off with me using Pierre-Olivier Latour’s great Pixelshox – experimenting with midisensors connected via an eo-body device; and now it’s Quartz: the same thing, an a more evolved level.
(Pierre works for Apple now).
It’s astonishingly easy for me to use – me, the “nonprogramming-type” – and reminds me a bit of MaxSP but in OS X-Style. There’s these elastic “wires” to connect the different patches – drag’n`dropable from the library.
The hierachy browser (was missing in pixelshox) makes it easier to navigate between macropatch-levels.
The most inspiring site I found lately is at:

Cocos Islands

Saturday, June 18th, 2005

cocos islands

Grins: Ich bin jetzt stolze, virtuelle Bürgerin der Cocos Islands: mit habe ich jetzt eine Antennen – Domäne mit Doppel-n, die noch verfügbar war und obendrein auch gut klingt (Dank an Tim für den Tip).
Ich bin gespannt, wie lange es dauert, bis sie online zu erreichen ist (angeblich bis 48 Stunden).

Die süße Inselgruppe liegt in der Nähe von Australien; und wenn ich mir das so anschaue, krieg’ ich richtig Lust mal hinzufahren – hehe.

Damit mir die Wartezeit nicht zu lang wird, hab ich schon mal einen passenden Desktop gebaut.

Last Call for Automaten

Friday, June 17th, 2005


He, nochma’ in die Automatenbar schauen, ehe sie morgen leider wieder ihre Pforten schließt..
Lipstick’s “Little Love” noch in bester Erinnerung – trällere den Refrain schon den ganzen Tag.

Automaten im Quartier 110, Friedrichstr. 181-183.

Dead Chickens

Friday, June 17th, 2005


Hurra, die Monster sind wieder da!

A Little Bit Of Chaos

Thursday, June 16th, 2005


Have a Look at some QuartzScreensavers for the CCC.

Mac OS X Tiger required.

Ok, still fiddling with the PDF-Import to make files far smaller, but it already works pretty smooth.


Thursday, June 2nd, 2005


Now for some snow – another quartz-screensaver.